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Belt Fittings

Belt fittings can be provided as made or as a finished belt, just let us know what you need when ordering.

Please note, whilst we are happy to provide a buckle and strap-end, strap-ends are often absent from Viking Age burials.


Dyed Bone Buckle, York

Based on an Anglo-Scandinavian buckle (YORYM : 1948.617), the original was dyed green with verdigris. 


It fits a belt approximately 20mm wide & 2mm thick.

Note, final shade may vary

From £50


Golden Lane Buckle, Dublin

This reproduction is based on a bone buckle (1307:1) from a female burial (CXXIX)

It fits a belt approximately 13mm wide and 2mm thick.

From £65


More Belt Fittings!

We are currently adding more stock, watch this space for more buckles and strap-ends made from bone, iron, antler and copper alloy!



Fishamble Buckle, Dublin

Made from antler, this buckle has an antler tongue pivoting on an iron rivet.  The original is on display at the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin.

It fits a belt approximately 10mm wide & 2mm thick.

From £45

Peel Buckle

Peel Buckle, Isle of Man

Based on a copper alloy buckle from the Cemetery in Peel Castle, St Patrick's Isle. 

It fits a belt approximately 20mm wide.

From £45


Repton Buckle, Derbyshire

This copper-alloy buckle is based on one of the two Buckles from Grave 511 at St Wystan's Church, Repton, contemporary with the Great Army Camp mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronical for the year 875.

It fits a belt approximately 20mm wide.

From £45


Plain Buckle, Generic

Made of mild steel with a 'blued' finish, this buckle is similar to ones excavated at Dunadd, Dundurn, the Kiloran Bay Burial and Coppergate, York.

It fits a buckle approximately 20mm wide.

From £18

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