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Handling Collections

Our Handling Collections are crammed with reproduction artefacts just waiting to be explored, below is just a sample and we are always adding to it so don't forget to check back and see what's new!

Many of these pieces are made in-house, but we also have items made by other talented friends like Blue Axe Reproductions, Wieland Forge, Tillerman Beads, Jackhammer Forge and many more.

Have a scroll through each of the galleries and read the descriptions of each item for more information, and if there's anything you'd particularly like to see at a visit or event, please let us know!

Warfare & Weapons

Vikings are perhaps best known as raiders and warriors, but what sort of weapons did they use and what can this tell us about Viking Age Societies?

From Raiders to Traders

Whilst Viking Age economies were largely based on produce, coinage did exist.  Money wasn't valuable in itself, but because it was made of silver which could be traded as coins, ingots or even arm-rings


Whilst there is evidence some women may have joined men in warfare, their greatest contribution to the Viking Age was in the field of textiles.  Waving spears and shields around is all well and good, but Viking Warriors would have looked very silly with no clothes on and they wouldn't get very far with no sails for their ships!

How to Look Good Viking

Vikings are well known for weapons and warfare, but they also had a reputation for looking good and this is certainly an area where girls thoroughly beat boys!

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