Cloak & Hair Pins

Long pins are fairly common in Viking Age archaeology, some are certainly cloak pins but others could be hair pins or even both.

Contemporary depictions of women often include ornate hairstyles which, although often stylised, could represent plaiting held in place by pins,



Dyed Bone Buckle, York

Based on an Anglo-Scandinavian find, the original was dyed green with verdigris.  

The original is missing it's tongue, but it is thought to have been made from copper alloy

Note, final shade may vary

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Peel Buckle, Isle of Man

This copper alloy buckle was part of a set that included a ribbed strap-end also decorated with ring & dots.

The set has parallels in Viking Dublin & Cumbria and is thought to have been part of the local Irish Sea Style.

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Fishamble Buckle, Dublin

Made from antler, this buckle has an antler tongue pivoting on an iron rivet.  


It is decorated with ring & dot motifs, and it's not clear whether these were highlighted with pigment or left plain, but both options can be provided.

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Cumwhitton 6 Buckle, Cumbria

From the Viking Age Cemetery in Cumbria, this buckle features a rather long belt plate decorated with a ring & dot pattern and was secured with boss-capped rivets.

We are happy to supply with boss-capped rivets, or as a complete belt.

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Repton Buckle, Derbyshire

This copper-alloy buckle is based on one from Grave 511 at St Wystan's Church in Repton, contemporary with the Great Army Camp mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronical for the year 875.

The burial is best known as the "Repton Warrior", and like many did not contain a matching strap-end.

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More Belt Fittings!

We are currently adding more stock, watch this space for more buckles and strap-ends made from bone, iron, antler and copper alloy!



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