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Pop-Up Museum

Discover the diverse features of Daily Life during the Viking Age with Gear & Graith’s Pop-Up Viking Museum!

  • Viking Reproductions!

  • Interactive Activities!

  • Storytelling & More!

Examine, Handle & Use Museum Quality Reproduction Artefacts in a quest to understand different aspects of Viking Age Culture including Clothing & Textiles, Fun & Games, Trade & Economy, Culture & Belief, and of course, Weapons & Warfare!

The ever-growing collection includes close copies of artefacts from Scotland, Ireland, Northern England & the Viking Homelands in Scandinavia, with featured objects from the National Museums of Scotland & Ireland, The Viking Ship Museum and the Jorvik Viking Centre.

Gear & Graith brings a wide collection of artefacts and expansive knowledge directly to you at an affordable rate – to arrange a visit, contact us now!

Handling Collections featuring Museum Quality Reproductions


The Reproductions in our handling collections are based largely on finds from Northern Britain and the Irish Sea world.  They are meticulously crafted to match the form and feel of the original artefacts and children are actively encouraged to examine, handle and even use them!  Because many of the reproductions are made in-house or by our friends, we have an intimate knowledge of the objects and the processes involved in making them.

Interactive Activities and Storytelling

EDCL Culture_edited.jpg

With many years of Living History experience and a professional background Training & Management, we know that people of all ages engage and learn best when they are actively engaged.  Our workshops use a combination of Storytelling, Show-and-Tells and handling sessions, interwoven with Tales from Viking Age Myths, the real History of Northern Britain and the objects in the collection. 

In Schools, Libraries & Museums!

Glasgow  Science Festival.jpg

To see the original artefacts our Reproductions are based on, you'd have to visit museums in Edinburgh, Dublin, Orkney,  Carlisle, York and London - not to mention Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany!  Some of the objects aren't on public display and most are in glass cases to protect and conserve them for future generations.

Visiting sites and Museums is always worthwhile but is not always affordable, and valuable learning time is often lost in the logistical nightmare of transporting and herding 30-90 school children.  Gear & Graith's Pop-Up Viking Museum brings a large collection of reproduction objects from all over the Viking World directly to your Classroom, Gym Hall or Playing Field!

With our own Public Liability Insurance, we conduct the Risk Assessments providing you with a stress-free, fun-packed and educational day of Viking Age Learning - at 9 o'clock we're ready to RagnaRock!

As well as Visiting Schools, we've also worked with Local Libraries, Scouting & Guiding Groups and Heritage Sites.   In the last year Gear & Graith took part the Govan Stones Project's contribution to the Glasgow Science Festival, Paisley Abbey's Doors-Open Day and the Midlands Viking Symposium

To get a quote or find out more, feel free to Contact us

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