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Digging into the Dark Ages!

Last year myself and fellow Cumbraland member Adam Parsons were asked to contribute to a new publication on Early Medieval Public Archaeology, edited by Professor Howard Williams and Pauline Clarke at the University of Chester.

We arranged for Howard to interview us at the the Heysham Viking Festival, and although I was quite nervous after being given a preview of some of the other contributors I was quickly put at ease in what turned out to be a pretty laid back and informal chat.

I confess I haven't read my contribution since the final proofs were sent off, but I have had the opportunity to read some of the other articles and I have to say it's a damned good read, with pieces by Howard, Pauline, Cat Jarman, Adrian Maldonado and Jackson Crawford to name but a few.

The publication can be ordered Print-on-Demand or downloaded free on Open-Access from Archaeopress here.

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